Best of the Net 2019


"walter's advice to walter before the thorns set in" by Iskandar Haggarty (Issue One)

"Daughter of a Fisher(wo)man" by Adithi Raghavan (Issue Two)

"i guess if it needs a name i'll call it" by Linette Reeman (Issue Two)

"Letter to a Dead Racehorse #7: Dear Alydar" by Jill Mceldowney (Issue Two)

"In June" by Madison Bockol (Issue Three)

"What the owls say about misery" by Anointing Obuh (OCEANS & TIME)


"The Beekeeper's Daughter" by Margot Nelson (Issue One)

"Things We've Found In Our Hair" by Cathy Ulrich (Issue Two)


"A Lesson in Loving Your Mother" by Lannie Stabile (Issue Two)

"Moon Party" by Alex Brown (Issue Two)

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