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walter's advice to walter before the thorns set in

poetry by Iskandar Haggarty

walter’s advice to walter before the thorns set in


poets and / gardeners / are the same. both / prune beautiful / things that were        

//    never       //      meant to     bloom     past / sunset.



when / you fall in love, / make sure you //    fall    // for the roots. too / many flowers have wilted / alone in bathroom / sinks. too     //  many flowers / have curled up / in the tub at / night, hoping for a burial in / soft earth.



Sometimes there / are more / ghosts     walking the streets / at night /     than there are / people.



you can / never / have too many tweezers.


the thorns will set in at a //    very    // particular time. it / is a waste / to worry about / when.


no wounds clean easily. leave as    //    few     // as possible.


there will be nights in which the / framework of your bed is made of / spectres. every home sighs / occasionally.     it is okay.      you and your head / full of saturn.



we have not created / light –

merely the / absence / of oceans.

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Iskandar Haggarty

Iskandar Haggarty is a Latinx-American poet and a Co-Editor-in-Chief at Luminous Press. His work has been Nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize. He has work published/forthcoming in Glass Poetry, Cotton Xenomorph, OCCULUM, and others. His favorite dessert is pumpkin pie. Find him on Twitter at @iskyhaggarty36. 

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