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we own

by Maia Elgin

we own

the rust-stained sink in the office

the wood-ring wall and

magic marker on the blinds


we own the splintered tree house

and the yard that turns

to mud in the Delta spring


we own it but when we fuck

the house knocks back


we own the glitter

and rubber bands

between the floorboards

we own the dead girl’s giggle


we own that

hungry something

in these gusts


perfume like smoke

like sulfur seeping


yes we own

the cellar’s earthen floor


Maia Elgin

Maia Elgin lives in the Mississippi Delta with her two cats, dog, and person. She has a chapbook, The Jennifer, with Birds of Lace and two poems in Rhythm & Bone's YANYR anthology. Her work has also been seen in Dark Marrow, Tarpaulin Sky, Ghost Town, Indigest, and Glitter Pony and is forthcoming in Cordella Magazine. With an MFA from LSU, Maia is an Assistant Professor at Delta State University.

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