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aries moon

by Cassidy Scanlon

aries moon 

with no mother tongue

you speak fire.

language could not 

name you,

but love can.


by Cassidy Scanlon


our bodies curve in titillation 

eager to fill empty spaces. 

we indulge in delicious 

dancing, mirroring flirtations

and echoing constant longing

for intimacy relating 

to the silk 

of taut flames.

strain and balance,

I want to kiss you

when no one’s watching.


these barriers

are just one of many 

tropes we trip over,

you, gayer than Sappho

but stuck to men like sap. 

me, an underling 

longing for a woman on top.






and I’m left licking the seeds

of your apple like Eve. 

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Cassidy Scanlon

Cassidy Scanlon is a queer writer, Capricorn, and astrologer who received her BFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University. Her work has been featured in L'Éphémère Review, Loaf Mag, and WITCH. She writes about astrology on her blog Mercurial Musings and is a regular contributor to rose quartz magazine. You can follow her on Twitter @sassidysucklon. 

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