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Two Pieces
by Warren J. Cox
Light Footprint
Light Footprint_Warren J Cox.jpe
Tree Life
Tree Life_Cox.jpe

“These pieces are prime examples of a new painting type I developed a few years ago, which I call the Thrill Life. The overall intention behind it was to create a versatile, shareable form of art that I and eventually others could embrace and use as a statement of love for nature and earth, and the endless magic and interconnection therein, in the face of accelerating environmental crises. 


The Thrill Life, ideally, would become a viable and inspiring vehicle for imaginative and joyful expression, pushing boundaries of form and content, while equally raising a call to reconnecting and protective action toward the environment. I called it “Thrill Life” partly to riff on “Still Life,” nothing against the Still Life!, but also because it seemed like just the right term for what I was trying to do.


I actually worked out a precise definition in the form of an acrostic poem. I don’t think it’s quite perfect, I still make little edits now and again, but it’s more than adequate to convey the feeling and key ingredients.


A Thrill Life Is:


Thoroughly done using more than one medium;

Halfway a child's fanciful vision & half-

Realistic; implying motion and rendered

Intricately, yet still immediate; 

Life-abundant and embedded in an evident

Love of nature, with many


Layers, layers, layers! Innovative in design, with

Inference of interconnection among its subjects; &

Filled with an atmospheric sense of magic,

Exhilaration, and enigmatic symbolism”

Warren J Cox.JPG

Warren J. Cox

Warren J. Cox paints and writes in beautiful central Virginia where he also works as an academic editor and copywriter. His paintings have been featured previously in Empty Mirror, Red Fez, Five:2:One, formercactus, Sooth Swarm, Boston Accent Lit, Every Pigeon, The Blue Pages, and Mojave He(Art). Cox developed the Thrill Life painting type a few years ago and is now looking to collaborate with other artists in producing some of their own! For more find him on Twitter @WarrenJCox 

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