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Two Art Pieces
by Christie Shen
In the Shade of Flowers
ink on paper

This work is inspired by the Chinese poet Li Qingzhao and the final lines in her poem Intoxicated in the Shadow of Flowers, where she compares herself to chrysanthemums.

in the absence of home
silkscreen on paper

Each print is embossed with one line of text. The set of three together read:

"I have learned from my mother's silence what it means to miss

I have learned from my father's labour what it means to give

I have learned from being here what it means to be away"


Christie Shen

Christie Shen is a Chinese-Canadian artist working to understand how culture and the diasporic condition has influenced her perceptions of social experiences and identity. Her current work focuses on exploring the dynamics of family and bonds with the impact of cultural loss or assimilation. You can find more of her work on her Instagram at @strangemornings and on her website at

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