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Two Photographs
by Angie Hedman
Sidewalk Bouquet
Sidewalk Bouquet .jpg
Loose Tea
Loose Tea.jpg
Angie Hedman- photo.jpg

Angie Hedman

Angie Hedman is an artist, writer, gallery director, and high school art educator who resides and creates in Muncie, IN. She holds degrees from Ball State University in the areas of Fine Arts (Metals), and Art Education. Her work appears or is forthcoming in The Broken Plate, Gravel, Barren Magazine, Pidgeonholes, Superstition Review, 2 Bridges Review, The Ginger Collect, Junto Magazine, Drunk Monkeys, Montana Mouthful, Camas, and Riggwelter among others. She tweets at @artist_writerAH.

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