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Two Photographs
by Meg Mulcahy
velvet realities
velvet realities.jpeg
In defence of gorse

“We have a long history with the gorse (or furze) bush. It thrives throughout the countryside, the one fire in our landscape of green and grey. It is, at its very core, a triumphant weed. A gorgeous pest. 


There's something to be said for its spirit as relative to the Irish people's. At a time where people were banished to the West, 'to Hell or to Connaught', it was rampant. A symbol for both a persistent will to live and completely barren land. Its spirit is indomitable - it grows everywhere, with armour.”


Meg Mulcahy

Meg is a writer, poet and general gowl based in Dublin, Ireland. She copywrites for money and runs on iced coffee and hope. Her blog The Social Seagull lives at and her work has featured in Crêpe & Penn, honey & lime, Kissing Dynamite Poetry and 


You can find her very much online on Twitter @TheGoldenMej and on Instagram @goldenmej

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