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Two Art Pieces
by Zena Bresnan
oil pastel on paper
feeling the fuzz of the static
oil pastel on paper
feeling the fuzz of the static scan.jpg

Focused on depicting safety, comfort and familiarity, Zena Bresnan’s work explores her feelings associated with her own childhood experience. Working on these illustrations, Zena is able to identify and really understand the colours and patterns that are reminiscent of her experience and this is what drives the majority of her work. In particular she finds that warmer colours and the patterns of fabric on upholstery are the most important to her and believes that it’s because these are the most prominent aspects of memory of her childhood. Zena works both from memory and family photos to create her drawings and believes that these two sources as forms of research allow both abstract and more literal representational elements to appear in them that then inform her paintings later on. 


Zena Bresnan

Zena is in her third year at the University of Brighton where she studies Fine Art: Painting. She uses painting and drawing as a way to explore her own experiences and life as she sometimes feels her mental health can really impact her sense of identity; using art, Zena is able to understand who she is. 

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