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To Borrow a Scarf

poetry by Amanda Hope

To Borrow A Scarf

Our Lady

of leaky heart valves

that flap like a tired bird,


grant me

the intimacy

of loaned clothing,


a tenderness

I am not owed.


Our Lady

of pets who run away

at the sound of fireworks,


let this softness lift

what’s ragged inside me


like the fallen poster

of a lost cat,

taken by the breeze.


Our Lady

of train tracks

with small tunnels under them

to allow turtles to cross,


robe me

in your scented garments,

pull me gently


on a string,

smiling like a child’s

wheeled duck.


Amanda Hope

Amanda Hope lives in eastern Massachusetts with her cats. A graduate of Colgate University and Simmons College, she works as a librarian. Her poems have recently appeared in publications including Barrow Street, Up the Staircase Quarterly, Construction, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, and Compose, where she was nominated for Best of the Net. She enjoys riding the subway, playing in brass bands, and wearing magnificent boots. You can find her on Twitter @AmandaHopePoet.

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