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Three Pieces
by Grix
Bodyfill (with Fake Fruit)
Bodyfill (with Fake Fruit).png
Home Sweet Home (Microbiome)
Home Sweet Home (Microbiome).png
Trying to Stay Clean
Trying to Stay Clean.png

“These pieces are part of a landscape series I've been working on that investigates the intersection of the climate crisis and my personal chronic illness and disability. I've tried to portray not only an interpretation of the human impact on the earth but how that has in turn impacted humans and health. My approach is guided by my personal lens of living with a neuroimmune disorder that is greatly affected by pollutants, toxins, artificial x,y,z, and weather changes.”



Grix (they/them) is a chronically ill and disabled nonbinary trans femme who writes and creates visual art. Their work focuses on disability, gender, trauma, and systems from a neurodiverse perspective. They are the managing editor of Human/Kind Journal and associate editor at both Sonic Boom and Yavanika Press. Twitter @metagrix 

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