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Three Paintings
by Galya Kerns
My Witch is on Fire

“When I was a young school girl, we studied history and witch hunt. I remember it scared me. How it’s possible that people could burn innocent women! I thought “That’s great that now we are civilized people and this nightmare will never happen again.” 

I was too young and too naive. We are back in the middle ages. Now we have new witches and new executioners. But the fires burn even brighter than in those old wild times. 

P.S. Sending hello to Alabama.”


“‘I was raped by Satan. And they banned abortion. That’s how the apocalypse began…’

This art shows that a woman doesn’t have a choice when someone is raping her. But at least she should have a choice after this. Apocalypse is a metaphor. I believe that if people don’t have a choice - it’s a real Apocalypse.”


“They say abortion is a sin. Well, I do not want to be a saint if at the same time will be dead. Sometimes abortion is a medical condition and it can save lives.”


Galya Kerns

Galya Kerns is currently living in Columbus, Ohio. My art is a surreal way to express my fears, thoughts, and my vision of contemporary reality and of world’s problems. My art was exhibited in America, Canada and Russia, and it was published in American, Canadian and German magazines.

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