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Three Pieces
by Czarina B. Capulong

“I've always found appeal in vectors, crests and tattoo flashes of one-shot designs: contained creativity, just "floating" there. Because I'm more proficient with paint than any program, I usually resort to acrylics rendering these artworks. No artistic style is truly original. But for me, this is as close as it gets.”


Czarina B. Capulong

Czarina Bunda Capulong is mainly a painter & traditional artist. Her style varies from Art Nouveau to Pop Art-esque. However she has dabbled in Baybayin (ancient Filipino script) calligraphy, vectors & poetry. Inspired by spoken word pieces, she usually reflects on her emotions during her creative process, being with her boyfriend & family dynamics. Born & bred in Manila, Philippines, she currently resides in Tondo with her family.

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