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Three Collages
by Molly Hannan Scott
Flowers for Brains
Frida and Familiar
Manifesting Life

Molly Hannan Scott

Molly Hannan Scott is a collage artist, painter, and writer born, raised, and still living in the North Bay Area of California. Currently working in technology, Molly uses her free time to write vulnerable and raw poetry and prose, sketch and paint, and create bright and bold digital collages often surrounding the subject womxn. When Molly is not working or creating she enjoys spending time with her Mother and Grandmother who have always supported and encouraged her to use and pursue her talents and to never give up on herself, her two cats Nala and Meatball,  her roommate, and her best friends. She finds inspiration for her art  from vintage photographs, womxn of all colors and shapes, and intersectional feminism. 

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