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Three Art Pieces
by Mel Paisley
WAXWING_Mel Paisley.png
BRUTE_Mel Paisley 2018.jpg
Liminal Spaces

Mel Paisley

Mel Paisley is an author, illustrator, and general loudmouthed inkslinger based out of Savannah, GA. Outside of his cleaner contracted work, Mel's mixed-media paintings act as transcriptions, icons, and coping artifacts from his ongoing experience with schizoaffective disorder. He has been previously published with Name and None, The Gay and Lesbian Review, Polychrome Ink, Wussy Magazine, SCAD District, The Port City Review, The Harvard University Press, Dystopian Future, and Meerkat Press. He founded The Torch Passer Tee Project in 2017 as a way to raise funds for grassroots transgender resource organizations, and is always looking for opportunities to serve his various communities and to write authentically about trauma, mental health, and the queer experience in the American Deep South in hopes that it might help the next person coming up the ladder.

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