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there are so many

poetry by Kate Wilson

there are so many

coat hangers covered in my blood. 

                so many oxygen masks that i kissed

goodbye into. so many ivs and hospital gowns         

                and awkward sideways glances. sometimes 

i am the operating table. sometimes the             

                biohazard bag. but i have never been 

regret. the woman outside told me that she hears

                god. i do, too. she says that its okay. says 

i’m doing the right thing. i have never been one     

                for faith but i’m going to take her word. i 

have never been happier to be so unfilled. to see     

                the christ blood in my underwear. the empty 

tugs but i tug back. i pull fistfuls of myself out and    

                cry with the kind of joy that is only felt when 

one is wild.

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Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson (they/them) lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a senior at Westminster College. They are the Editor in Chief of Volume 56 of ellipsis… Literature & Art, and work as an interview correspondent with Half Mystic Press and Rose Quartz Magazine. Three of their poems were selected for the Academy of American Poets Student Poetry Prize, and their work can be found with Pressure Gauge Press,, and Parentheses Journal, among others. They are on Twitter @pasta_slut and can be found at

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