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American Sonnet for Mother Earth

poetry by Taylor Meehan

American Sonnet for Mother Earth

The bitter Earth is the song 

she sings on her deathbed.

A song of flood, fire, typhoon,

Mama saying break bones, 

burn houses, free the children 

by whatever means necessary.

America was never very good 

at listening to women.

I don’t want to be an American

responsible for this neglect.

But this isn’t matricide.

She’ll survive our selfishness,

let us suffocate in our own factory fumes. 

And good for her.


Taylor Meehan

Taylor Rose Meehan sneezed on her little brother when he was in NICU and still hasn't lived it down after 15 years. She sometimes goes by pen name "anxious burrito" and is currently studying creative writing, publishing, and music technology at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania.

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