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Separation Anxiety

poetry by Deon Robinson

Separation Anxiety

the perennial decay of bodies,

too irresponsible to cease without permission.

in grief, we all follow a mother

because if you aren’t recovering

then you are inflicting

an inevitable type of violence.

hold onto lovers the way

grandma held superstitions,

only leave weapons

under the mattress;

guns, drugs, money & roses.


Deon Robinson

Deon Robinson is an aspiring writer from Bronx, New York. He currently studies at Susquehanna University, where he was the recipient of the Janet C. Weis Prize for Literary Excellence for his writing. His poetry has appeared/is forthcoming in Asterism, Blue Marble Review, Bridge, Glass’ Poets Resist Series, Homology Lit, Laurel Moon and Occulum Journal. Follow his misadventures and let him know what your favorite poems are on Twitter @djrthepoet.

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