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by Vanessa Maki


sometimes i wish i could / hold a lighter up to my tongue / so i could feel unfiltered heat / without consequences / does that make me a bit too freaky for you?/ or is it the fact that i get thrilled by some disasters? /maybe that's it / i'm chaos with legs & arms & feet / i'm alarming like blood splatter / on the hardwood floor / in a white bath tub / against outdated wall paper / on your face / smeared all over your lips / & blood doesn't scare me / being too reserved does / not being risque enough / silencing desire / like it’s a secret lover / that hates being addressed only / behind closed doors


Vanessa Maki

Vanessa Maki is a queer writer,artist & other things. She’s full of black girl magic & has no apologizes for that. Her work has appeared in various places like Really System & others. She is also forthcoming in a variety of places. She’s founder/EIC of rose quartz magazine & is involved in other spaces as well.  Follow her twitter & visit her site

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