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by Misako Yamazaki


red is the blood on my achilles heels on thursday night / the heat in your bedroom as our kisses become more than just kisses / full blooming blossoms of color on lips / it is the shade of my face when i drink hard liquor / or the lipstick stains on your neck that are not from me / it is in the water that runs down the shower drain every three months / the clumps and clots that are supposed to make me a woman / as if i am any less of a / woman / without all this red / pooling at my feet / as if / you / are any less of a woman without / red pooling at your feet / it is the way you touch me when i do not want to be touched / the blaze in your eyes / wild, untamed, and everything i thought i wanted but want no longer / it is treacherous / dangerous / deadly


Misako Yamazaki

Misako Yamazaki is an aspiring full-time writer, self-published author of wasps (and other poems), and connoisseur of all things literary. She is currently attending college for creative writing and is the founder and president of Spilled Ink Club at Phoenix College. A slam poet, Misako has performed at and hosted various poetry events around the valley. She spends her free time reading, writing, and journaling.

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