the zombie writes a letter to its body's ghost

poetry by Lizzie Freestone

the zombie writes a letter to its body’s ghost

           i             take too long with Words
now           i watch your
                                     (my own?)
silvered self
I cannot follow.

my own Hands are falling apart.
My skin is grey.
My hands are Falling apart.
My skin is blooming with
      i          take too long with Words

my skull is an old seashell.

tell me. what is it like, to be able to fly?
tell me. my own hands are grey and do not
                                trust me.


Lizzie Freestone

 Lizzie Freestone is a writer living in the UK. She won the BBC YWA in 2016 and was longlisted for her playwriting in the National Theatre's "New Views" scheme. Her work can be found in Eunoia Review and Unbroken Journal.