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Pathetic Fallacy
acrylic on canvas
by Alicia Yefimenko
Pathetic Fallacy - Alicia Yefimenko.jpg

This piece captures a feeling of isolation inherent to the human condition as reflected in both the built and natural environments. There is a dissonance between the cognitive understanding of the psychological commonalities between all people and the individuality of our emotional experiences as human beings. There is a dissonance between the cognitive understanding that our environments shape us impersonally and the private nature of our experiences of those environments. In grappling with the incongruity, we find ourselves in a liminal space between connection and solitude, but, as fallible beings, often falling to one side of the binary.


Alicia Yefimenko

Alicia Yefimenko is a visual artist based out of Austin, Texas. Although she dabbles in many media, her primarily focus is oil and acrylic paint. Alicia's work strives to enlist traditional realist techniques to embody postmodern experiences.

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