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on queerness in the south

by Quentin Grey

on queerness in the south


i am at the market 
listening to a woman discuss
the complex sin of
the homosexual.
i agree,
over tomatoes
oh, avocados.
but being gay hasn’t much
to do with who you’re fucking,
more to do with who 
you’re loving.

i had three eggs for break
all of them gay.
i watched them lather all over each other,
sliding into another 
& then merging
onto one plate,
one meal.
so hot, so gay
sizzling in the pan.
this is what i want to tell 
the person,
but they wouldn’t understand
the egg’s or my eternal love

so i sneeze loudly into the air
between us
& smile my big teeth wide
in hopes that for a moment
she feels what it’s like
to have one’s illness 
expelled upon
them from the inside.


Quentin Grey

Quentin Grey (he/they) is a queer trans faerie and word lover grown and raised on the east coast. He currently resides in Savannah, GA where he obtained a degree in English Literature. His work has been published in LURe Journal and Calliope Art & Literary Magazine. Themes he strongly believes in weaving into the collective reality include trans embodiment, the effects of trauma, color exploration, and plant wisdom. Grey loves to make and read zines, talk to plants, and create with food.

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