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Kristin LaFollette

“I've been living in cities for awhile now, moving from South Bend, IN, to Toledo, OH, to Evansville, IN, in the past six years. While I love living in the city, each of these places has reminded me daily of the negative impact people are making on the environment. I moved to Evansville, IN, this past August and moved into a house downtown. These photos were taken a couple weeks after I moved in; at first, I was just observing my new neighborhood and shooting some street photography. However, as I kept shooting, I started thinking about the abandoned buildings that were not being cared for, the structures falling apart and covered in graffiti, and the overabundance of trash and litter. Even so (as you can see in the photo with the fence and the garbage cans), the vine growing up and around the fence felt symbolic to me, like it represents nature's resilience.”

Kristin LaFollette (3).jpg

Kristin LaFollette

Kristin LaFollette is a writer, artist, and photographer and is the author of the chapbook, Body Parts (GFT Press, 2018). She is a professor at the University of Southern Indiana and serves as the Art Editor at Mud Season Review. You can visit her on Twitter at @k_lafollette03 or on her website at

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