poetry by Ezekiel Puerto



a kettle whistling in the background

sometimes that’s all it takes to stop time for a moment

a kettle whistling in the background and some cups

and then suddenly life is alright again

recovery is sweet some days, almost easy

woven in the now abandoned knitting,

a half-made scarf that one day will be completed and perfect



sirupy, the sun enters through a window

and dances in your skin as you peel the oranges

i can listen to the birds outside

and dad talking softly to the cat in the living room

life is sweet some days, almost easy



we spoke earlier about summer and biking

about when i was a child and taught myself to ride

when i wore dresses and not shorts and sandals

when i was your little girl and not your adventurous boy

“some things do not change”,

you said, smiling softly, “like tea and chamomile”



some things do not change, like tea and chamomile

some things stay forever warm and welcoming



love is sweet some days, almost easy

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Ezekiel Puerto

Ezekiel Puerto is known for his ability to name his plants and quickly forget about their names, the artist can easily be found petting his cat or eyeing suspiciously a book he doesn't remember buying and most probably was a gift. he started signing his works with a capital red "r" in the back as a reference to the refused works in art galleries and expositions during impressionism when he was 17 and hasn't stopped since, though most probably at this point he is the only one who still finds it funny