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We probably won't get another shot at this

poetry by Josh Daniel

We probably won't get another shot at this

Our skies are turning yellow and they’re asking for more coal / my people of the blue-ridge hills / stand up / my people of the front porch swing / and too sweet tea / I used to plant acorns / hoping for a tree by mid morning / not a big one / I knew my limits / maybe a beech / or a pine / I wanted nothing more than to / breathe among giants / branches diving skyward / never breaching sky / reaching through the past / I can see a verdant split: a crossroad that will see me through / it’s green that I want and nothing more / give me green / and leave


Josh Daniel

Josh Daniel currently lives in southern Kentucky, where he recently finished up his M.A. in English Literature. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and writing poetry and singing show-tunes with his wife.

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