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Decay is Inevitable Under a Bright Blue Sky
by Jeffrey Yamaguchi

One of the photos in the series "Decay is Inevitable Under a Bright Blue Sky" is the cover photo for Issue Six.


“There is nothing I like more than to walk out the door and just wander. I tend to head towards the water, to the outer edges of town. This helps settle the mind and stir up ideas. This series of photos was taken on a bright, blue sky day in Brooklyn, in a tucked away area of the outer borough that isn't so easy to find. You have to know it's there. But if you do know it's there. it's all yours. The abandoned piers are settling further into the lapping waters, and there's no way to step upon them, on account of the rusted out gates. In the distance, always, in the distance, you see the shimmer of the skyline. But the piers, they tell the true story, which is long and ultimately familiar, despite the twists and turns and our hopeful desire for surprise. Decay is inevitable under a bright blue sky.”


Jeffrey Yamaguchi

Jeffrey Yamaguchi creates projects with words, photos, and video as art explorations, as well as through his work in the publishing industry. @jeffyamaguchi ( |

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