Into the Woods
by Elodie Rose Barnes

"Into the Woods" is the cover photo for Issue Five.

Into the woods 2.jpg

"Into the Woods" is a series inspired by Mary Oliver's poem How I go to the woods, and was my first experiment with using my cell phone for art-style photography. Before that, I'd been very attached to my clunky old Canon, but this series represented both a change in my perspective (literally - lying down in the mud to shoot upwards got me a few funny looks!) and in the way I work, and is very special to me for that reason. 

Author photo-6.jpg

Elodie Rose Barnes

Elodie Rose Barnes is an author, poet and artist with a serious case of wanderlust. She is originally from the UK, but has spent time abroad in Europe, the United States and the Bahamas. Her love of travel and seeing new places has inspired a fascination with the ideas of time and space, and this seeps into most of her writing.


Her poetry has most recently been accepted in The Confessionalist, Crêpe & Penn, and The Purple Breakfast Review (Wordsmith HQ), and she is a contributing editor at The Fruit Tree. Current projects include a chapbook of poetry inspired by family history, time, and "lost things", and a novel based on the life of modernist writer and illustrator Djuna Barnes.