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I had an abortion

poetry by Eliana Gray

I had an abortion

Which is a baby that didn't grow.

We took the tissue and planted it 

under a cabbage tree at lover's leap 

(which is where lovers go to die) 

and it didn't grow.


So this is just to say,

Sometimes things are metaphors

And sometimes they are not. 


Eliana Gray

Eliana Gray is a poet from Ōtepoti/Dunedin, Aotearoa. They like their work like they like their life- sad, confronting and deeply funny.  They have won the University of Otago Poetry Competition and were a finalist at the New Zealand National Poetry Slam. They have had words in: Mimicry, Oscen, Baby Teeth and others. Their debut collection, Eager to Break, was published by Girls On Key Press this April. This February, they will be the writer in residence at Villa Sarkia in Finland.

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