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by Michael Akuchie


i feel vibrations walk right across a street in my mouth

& make a home of thorned words stretching down my windpipe

laden with woe, i cut myself open & out flows a river of dirges

sweeping away hope to places where broken boys do not

feel the body surrendering to shadows disguised in terror  

brush past these thickets heavy with pain & take a front row position

for this is where i absorb loss & lick up every droplet gone in hiding

images of yesterday visit like the winds, unfriendly & harsh

i wait out the storm by running off with leftovers from my skin

by running quickly, parched portions release themselves to tumble

i am a bird of paradise overstuffed with defeat

& constantly visited by life's poisoned breaths

darkness feeds on the light i own, refilling with grief

as carrier of dead dreams & open to scavenging by sleepless nights

i am ambassador for a colony of groans independent from healing

& serving with wings clipped from grace, i overdose on lamentations


Michael Akuchie

Nigerian-based Michael Akuchie is a writer and dreamer. His work has appeared on Ghost City Review, Barren Magazine, Anti-Heroin, Iacoustic and elsewhere. He studies English at the University of Benin, Nigeria.

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