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First portrait of me as Adedayo

poetry by Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

First portrait of me as Adedayo

Let's assume the body is an estrangement

       a beach house washed up in a sea the tender waves calling calling calling

Let's assume the body is a little flower praying for the sun pleading to be left alone in the wind alone

       with the stars in a night sky alone with the grief trapped in the ship of its own sea

Let's assume the body is a departure

       i dream of my grandmother's coffin, the golden handle and undertakers dancing her into oblivion

her dead hands twitch ocean eyes in my father's parlour

erasure: the body is not a property

I present myself holy / and broken / cast deep into the depth of my wounds / take me into your mouth give me the colony of my desolation / i just want to be a coloured boy in the dark / i just want to dance beneath a campaign of moon and wind / i just want my father to cry back into my hands (or vice versa) / let there be a city / let god be known / this body, dead with bones, shall rise & in the lifting / my grandmother shall rise to sing me back to sleep



Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

Adedayo is a documentary photographer, poet and dreamer. He is the author of For Boys Who Went (WRR, 2016). He has works on Barren, BarnHouse, 8poems, BrittlePaper and elsewhere. Adedayo's pamplet, Asylum Chapel is forthcoming on Pen and Anvil, 2019.

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