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First Memory

by Steve Barichko

First Memory


the oxheart as a human heart but bigger

as a clenched fist

as a rare tomato 

the girl working the register does not know

has never seen

has not heard or eaten

just like this you try again

i am with your other hand

as a clenched fist

like my heart but bigger

shakes her head


at the house i am carried under trees

as a bedsheet 

unfurled in its own shade

i am in your gold watch

in your watery tattoo

for our picture

but a car has hit the dog


so i have been sprawled out 

on the red rug

woken by the ceiling fan

i am picked up 

as though the crying smell 

shoveling in the dirt

is not mine


Steve Barichko

Steve Barichko is a writer from Terryville, CT. His work has most recently appeared in Main Street Rag, fields magazine, and causeway lit. He is working on a forthcoming chapbook, Apocrypha. He lives in Terryville with his wife and daughter.

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