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dissociation blues (or, accidental astral projection

poetry by m. leon stewart

dissociation blues (or, accidental astral projection)

the body was here a moment ago—where did I leave that thing?

must have pressed it, folded it up pretzel-like & lost it in the linen closet somewhere.

must have wrapped it in plastic, only company the hum & whisper of the refrigerator.

must have left it lying in the tub, a shriveled fig adorned with pruned valleys crafted by neglect.

must have sewn it seed-like between the peonies before it sprouted legs & walked away from me.

must have flung from myself like a gumband bullet; must have damaged that great Cartesian joint.

the body was there a moment ago, I know, I know. — I know.


m. leon stewart

M. Leon Stewart (he/they) is a queer writer & library worker from Pennsylvania. Recent & forthcoming publications include Fledgling Rag and Riggwelter Press.

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