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Cottage Road

by Lori Lamothe

Cottage Road​

The name of the girl across the street

shone like copper. 


In the apartment below 

a teen with a Mohawk     


was already imagining the bomb 

that would explode his hand


into bloody petals. 

When the leaves turned that year 


the kids from the tenement 

took turns jumping off the roof 


of an empty house and called it flying. 

I stood off to one side--


tried to explain the dangers 

of broken things, the treachery of glass. 


Later, the boy with stitches 

in a crooked line across his ass 


would call me a witch but that night

the neighborhood stray


found its way up the stairs

to my room, its fur wild 


and warm against my face. 

It was the beginning 


of aloneness and of love. 


Lori Lamothe

Lori Lamothe is the author of three poetry books, Trace Elements, Happily and Kirlian Effect. Her work has appeared in Canary, DMQ Review, Jet Fuel Review, Menacing Hedge, Verse Daily and elsewhere. In 2018 she received her fourth Pushcart nomination. 

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