Three Visual Poems
by Milly Webster
Clean Faces, Trashed Streets
Clean Faces, Trashed Streets.png
Haunted Honeycomb
Haunted Honeycomb.png

“I have recently been using a lot of erasure methods within my poetry. Often this has just included using black to erase the words that I haven’t left. However, with both ‘Layers’ and ‘Haunted Honeycomb’ I wanted to try and add other visual elements to enhance the reading of the poems. Also, with ‘Clean Faces, Trashed Streets’ it was a similar idea of having the image of the discarded napkin alongside the words to illustrate my point and to provide the inspiration for the poem for the reader. I think using words is one of the best ways to raise awareness, especially with things like climate change, so I was so pleased to create these poems and have them featured in this issue of honey & lime.”


Milly Webster

Milly Webster is a 21-year-old poet and creative writing student at the University of Lincoln. Currently, she is working on her dissertation, a collection of poetry centred around bisexuality and bi-erasure. Furthermore, she is a Senior Poetry Editor for The Lincoln Review, a literary and art journal. Previous work has been published by or is forthcoming in Lemon curd, Paragon Press Journals 'Closeted', Poet’s Choice, Indie Blu(e) Publishing and Sonder Midwest.