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Five photographs
by Claudia Amuedo
As well as the five photographs here, Claudia is also the photographer behind "Creation," Issue One's cover photo.
The children's forest
The children's forest.jpg
The deep sleep
The deep sleep.jpg
Claudia Amuedo.jpg

Claudia Amuedo

Claudia Amuedo (1994, Spain) is a self-taught photographer who lives in Seville. Her first contact with photography was at the age of 17, when her mother gave her first camera. In her photos, Claudia seeks to create dreamlike scenes that may well seem to be taken from a movie or a fairy tale. Mainly the women are protagonist in her photos, and the animals and nature the elements that accompany them. The cold tonalities, especially blue colors, often reflect the melancholy and innocence of their characters. Claudia shoots in digital trying sometimes to show an analogous aspect of her work by creating a period atmosphere. Her work has been published on art websites such as lamono magazine, Mosssaic Magazine or Worbz

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