by Farras Huda
Honey & Lime Art Submission by Farras Hu

“Woman is elegant, sweet, and complex. I want to convey those through traditional snack I love to eat: Kuping Gajah, which is famous for its spiral-like motives. The snack is also peculiar for its monochromatic color. It is the snack my family and I enjoy at home. Luckily, some have unique shape that I can use as an accessory, as women wear them to be more beautiful. Thanks to current technology, I can experiment to integrate the picture of food I have taken to my illustration.”

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Farras Huda

Farras Huda is a lover of art & design from Indonesia, currently spending her time teaching English.  She has been working in art and design field for freelance and sometimes under the name of FRS Cappuriccio, she draws comics and illustration for hobby, resulted in contributing to various zine projects over the world such as Self-Care Zine from Comics Youth Organization and Summer SOLtice zine from Seed, Root + Bloom. She loves creating art, especially if it means to help people.