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Floral Dissection

by Courtney Bates-Hardy

Floral Dissection 

My heart is an exploded peony; 

lilacs spring up in my guts. 


Each rib, a delicate daisy— 

the petals touch, just so. 


The air is heavy and sweet in my lungs, 

those pink, folded tulips. 


Two petals seal my lips  

against trespass, but secrets grow. 


My arms reach to pluck one honeysuckle 

and taste sweet nectar on my tongue, 


but I find my hands are made of leaves, 

each finger too green. 


Courtney Bates-Hardy

Courtney Bates-Hardy is the author of House of Mystery (ChiZine, 2016). Her poems have been published in a variety of literary magazines, including Room, Carousel, and On Spec. Her work is forthcoming in Collective Unrest. She is currently working on her second collection of poetry.

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