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by Sarah Hardt

“The work is a PAINTER Photoshop rendering of a photograph I took as part of my ‘Who Is Me?’ Series. It’s my ongoing search/project to find the middle ground of lesbians in art, to see myself reflected in current culture as opposed to hyperbolic renderings of lesbian sexuality. The butterflies were shot at The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.”


Sarah Hardt

Sarah Jane Hardt lives in LA, a London implant, former model and swim designer, now a full time working artist, ethical vegan, activist and photographer. Her work incorporates street activism, animals, scenics and lesbian themed subjects. She's been photographing since she was seven and has dabbled in mixed media and other platforms. Her  ongoing, lesbian themed project is titled "Who is me?", after she discovered that very often lesbian themed art and imagery did not reflect her or the reality of gay female relationships. The butterflies in this image are actual butterflies she photographed at the Natural History Museum, at the incredible butterfly exhibit. Please feel free to follow her work at: Sarah_Jane_Hardt_ART or MemoriesWithHardt_Photography.

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