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My depression slept with a married man

poetry by Brittany Barron

My depression slept with a married man.

Laughed victoriously at the picture.

Him and his wife,

on their night stand. Drank

in my shame


like cherry wine.

That’s what my depression does. It takes

risks. Stands on its tip

toes on the edge


of a cliff. Doesn’t wear

a seatbelt, eats raw

pufferfish, does whatever

it can to get our heart


beating. Because without the risk

our heart lies dormant.

Like cancer, it only

awakens when it tries to end us.

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Brittany Barron

Brittany Barron is an MFA candidate studying poetry at the University of Tampa. She is currently published in the You Are Not Your Rape Anthology and Rhythm and Bones Press’s Dark Marrow poetry magazine. In her free time she is an activist, dog mom, and museum lover.

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