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Between the Lines
by Cassidy Scanlon
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"Between the Lines" includes two black-out poems from strict abortion laws passed in Ohio and Georgia. I've always been intrigued by the language of anti-abortion rhetoric, particularly the term "pro-life." This is a misnomer, for these institutions only value control and dominance. Their rhetoric is rife with quotes from the Declaration of Independence and assertions that unborn children deserve the same rights as a living human. In Alabama's recent anti-abortion law, they appeal to universal human equality and liken their stance to the civil rights and women's suffrage movement.


The audacity is astounding — women and people of color are still fighting for their rights to be recognized, and anti-abortion laws only limit their personal freedoms. "Between the Lines" is an exploration of this contradiction; I seek to pinpoint what these laws are really saying. And as you can see, their message isn't so innocent.


Cassidy Scanlon

Cassidy Scanlon is a queer writer, Capricorn, and astrologer who received her BFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University. Her work has been featured in L'Éphémère Review, South Broadway Ghost Society, and WITCH. She writes about astrology on her blog Mercurial Musings and is a regular contributor to Pussy Magic. You can follow her on Twitter @sassidysucklon and visit her website (

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