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When I started this magazine (a whole week and a half ago), I wanted it to be an inclusive space for everyone- somewhere that even creators who were just starting one their creative journey could be a part of. As submissions started pouring in, I came to the realization that my magazine’s poetry section would have to be extremely competitive. I would have gladly published over 100 poems in one issue, but, as many people told me, this would make for a very overwhelming issue, and would likely cause no one to want to read it at all. Over the past week, I’ve read well over 500 poems and it has absolutely gutted me thinking of all the beautiful poems I would have had to decline simply because I didn’t have room enough for them. I’ve done a lot of thinking, read extremely carefully, and made some very hard decisions, and now, I believe some announcements are in order.

  • The poets who will be included in Issue One have been chosen. The pieces they presented me with were emotional, raw, exquisitely crafted, and everything I wanted Honey & Lime to be when I envisioned it. I really, truly could not have passed them up.

  • This still leaves dozens of poets who submitted incredibly beautiful work. I thought to myself, what do you do when the space you’ve created is much too small? You make an even bigger space! Thus, I am really excited (and joyously hopeful) to announce OCEANS & TIME, the poetry blog of Honey & Lime. Once the poets accepted for Issue One confirm their spots, I will reach out to poets who I wish to publish in this blog.

  • What does this mean?

    • This means that poetry submissions will be able to stay open until the 31st, like originally planned, but every poetry submission from this point forward will be considered for Oceans & Time.

    • Oceans & Time will be published on a much more regular basis, in between regular issues of Honey & Lime.

    • Those who are accepted to Oceans & Time are free to submit again for the next issue’s reading period.

    • THIS IS ONLY FOR POETRY, as the massive majority of submissions I’ve received are poems. All other genres are still being considered for Issue One.

If you were planning to submit specifically for the issue but do not wish to be a part of the blog at this time, that’s okay. You are more than welcome to submit your poetry for the next issue’s reading period.

I am still working out all the kinks to this, and I’m sorry for any inconveniences I may cause. I said in the beginning I hope you all bear with me on this journey, and I meant it! I am working very hard to make this a beautiful, inclusive, high-quality home for creative writing and art. That being said, I am also only one brain. If you have any ideas you’d like me to hear, or any questions, feel free to email me or DM me at anytime!

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