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And My Screams Don't Wake Me

by Marcia Pradzinski

And My Screams Don't Wake Me

At night

my mind


bakes me

into lilies


that won't



trees that grow



melons festering

with maggots





birds with no



and dogs

without legs.


My  voice

shrieking raw


I lie dazed

sprout cherry-red


fangs that pierce

my parchment skin.

Marcia 4 final.jpg

Marcia Pradzinski

Marcia J. Pradzinski, an award-winning poet, lives in Skokie, Illinois. Her poems have been featured in print journals, anthologies, and online. Recent and forthcoming publications include The Pangolin Review,  Redheaded Stepchild, Your Daily Poem, Clementine Unbound, and Ink In Thirds. Her first chapbook, Left Behind, was released by Finishing Line Press in 2015. She credits Plumb Line Poets, her cadre of fellow poets, for helping her stay productive and accountable. When not reading or writing, she enjoys water aerobics, qigong, walking, and going to movies.

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